Save the Date SustFest2020

The Sustainability festival is unique as it is run by you – individuals and groups in the district encouraging each other to live with a lighter touch on the planet.

Welcome to the website for the Sustainability Festival 2020!

A working group for SustFest2020 has been meeting…plans prepared, fund-raising started… (as usual we have to fund-raise from scratch – so sponsors wanted!).. and events are now rolling in!

Volunteers from Sustainable St Albans charity and St Albans Friends of the Earth are already working hard to get the festival off the ground.

Dates will be: Saturday 23rd May to Sunday 7th June 2020

From residents’ associations running litter picks or local bike rides; pre-schools running events on reducing single-use plastic; schools holding eco-weeks on recycling; or businesses encouraging employees to use reusable water bottles. Why dont’t you organise something for the festival?

Bike repair

There will be art events, talks, walks, tours and exhibitions. Events for children, adults and both. Stuff happens across all faiths and all ages. It helps local communities come together. These events can inform and educate; they can be fun, or inspiring and all of these together!

group bannersSo, if you are in any kind of group (community, business, faith, school or youth group)  in the district of St Albans – which includes Harpenden and all the village areas – please have a chat in your group to see if you want to run any kind of event for #SustFest2020

There is lots of help on our website  see how to take part here.

You will need to register your event  before 9th Feb – we will have an online form and a form you can download.

sopwell bike ride signs 2So, get thinking – print off a copy of the Bioregional One Planet Living ten themes below  – and see if there is any kind of event that your group can create – that meets the needs of your group – and also helps build a more sustainable district.

If you have any questions please see our FAQ page first.

You may want to sign up to the SustFest2020 newsletter – which will keep you informed and up to date about how the festival is taking shape.  Sign up for the newsletter here.

If you want to get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you! Email us here


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