Register for SustFest21

Want to run your own event or activity?

It’s not too late! From residents groups to faith groups, schools to local businesses, you can still join in and organise something!

We have a special page for local businesses here and a special page for local schools here.

What could your group do that is about living more sustainably or connecting with nature? Use our Sustainability page to guide you as to what we mean by sustainability. Then get inspired with the dozens of Covid-safe ideas on our Ideas for Activities.

There is information on Health & Safety and Access on our Information for Organisers page. You can also see our FAQ page.

Register your activity

Once you have decided on your activity you must register your event below so we know you are taking part – particularly if your event is public and we can add it to the online listings.

Please register your activity for the Sustainability Festival on the online form below.

  • Whether your event or activity is a PRIVATE activity (for your group only e.g. school) or PUBLIC for anyone, we would LOVE to hear from you.

Flexible Programme: Because of Covid challenges, we will have

  • (i) a flexible, online listings that means you can change the details of your event easily if government regulations change
  • (ii) an online pdf programme. The PDF deadline has passed but you can still be on our website via point (i)

Before you register:

  1. Find a date/s for your activity/event – anytime from Sun 23 May to Sun 6 June.  (Note: there will be St Albans Sustainable Markets on Sun 23 May and Sun 6 June)
  2. Get your online registrations and links, or book your venue, if needed
  3. Give your event a title  – e.g. ‘Advice on Growing Food at Home’
  4. Agree a short description of the event.
  5. Decide if your event is open to the public, or private for your group only.
  6. Ensure the activity meets current Covid regulations.
  7. Consider Health and Safety and access for people with disabilities.
  8. Think how to promote it – to your members, and to the wider public, if appropriate – see SustFest21 resources.
  9. Photo: FOR PUBLIC EVENTS ONLY – We need a high-resolution photo (1MB plus) that illustrates your event for the programme. You must have permission and copyright to use the photo. Use your own, or find copyright free photos from websites such as
  10. Logo: You will need to email us your logo to put on our website to show your support – see email address in the form or try:  sustfest AT sustainablestalbans DOT org (please do not use the Contact Form to send photos or logos).

Registration Form

If you have a problem with this online form, please email us. Don’t forget to get right to the end of the form pages and press SUBMIT.