Register your private event for SustFest22

Registration for public events has now closed

We are still accepting registrations for private events – events held for members of a community group, within schools and youth groups or among business colleagues.

If you need inspiration and ideas, we have a special page for local businesses here and a special page for local schools here.

Climate Change Debate in SustFest2021
Climate Change Debate in SustFest2021

Register your activity

Once you have decided on your activity you must register your private event using the registration form below so we know you are taking part. Private events will not feature in the programme but your organisations logo will be added to the website and you will be part of the SustFest22 community. You can tell us about a private event right up to the festival start of 15th May.

Please register your private activity for the Sustainability Festival on the online form below.

To register:

  1. You will need to give your event a title  – e.g. ‘Eco day at the school’
  2. Choose “private event” at question 8 which will skip you through to question 23.
  3. Photo not needed: Please note you DO NOT NEED to submit a photo for private events
  4. Logo: You will need to email us your logo to put on our website to show your support – see email address in the form or try:  sustfest AT sustainablestalbans DOT org (please do not use the Contact Form to send logos).

Registration Form

If you have a problem with this online form, please email us. Don’t forget to get right to the end of the form pages and press SUBMIT.