Ideas for events

Unfortunately, due to the situation with Covid-19, the St Albans Sustainability Festival has had to be postponed. Read more here about the festival’s postponement.

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SustFest events should be based on one or more of the ten themes of sustainability from the Bioregional rainbow list illustrated below.

Here is a general list of ideas:


  • Organise a group walk in nature
  • Get a environmental speaker along to your meeting
  • Sing about nature in your choir
  • Plastic free week in the office
  • Repair event in your local community
  • Second-hand/re-use sale
  • Environmental film showing – with neighbours or for the public
  • Art event or photo exhibition about the environment
  • Music, poetry, story-writing or book group session linked to an eco theme
  • Create a Festival veggie menu for your cafe, pub or restaurant
  • Open up an eco-friendly house or building to inspire others
  • Organise a litter pick in your street/area
  • Organise an evening of board games – NO mobiles allowed – encourage conversations!
  • Take a children’s group on a bug hunt
  • Hold a repair event in your local community
  • Organise an allotment open day
  • Arrange a bike ride – for families or adults
  • Organise a talk on climate change
  • Make a community bug hotel
  • Fashion event using second hand clothes
  • Arrange a car-free day
  • Organise a family-friendly bike ride
  • Hold a meeting to reduce energy in your group’s building/get some energy meters
  • Trip to a nature reserve
  • Arrange vegetarian/vegan cooking demos
  • Solar energy information day
  • Build sculptures out of waste materials
  • Organise a public talk on climate change
  • Hold a seed swap or plant sale
  • Teach others a relevant skill you have through a class or workshop
  • Hold a supermarket “mass unwrap”
  • Hold a Plastic Free picnic
  • Children’s eco crafting session
  • Fashion event using second hand clothes
  • Encourage people to shop local